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        “Emily has a very strong interpretation of the feel and visual of each song & managed to excite & inspire me through her movements and dance routines time & time again. As someone who had no experience in dance it was surprisingly easy to convey my vision and for it to be understood & executed by Emily. On top of this her style is completely adaptable, knowing contemporary and popular styles but being able to build up them and develop unique & crazy routines which in my bands case is what we were looking for.”

        Oliver Sykes, Lead Singer, Bring Me The Horizon


        “Emily was a stand out dancer among a number of students who partook in one of my workshops. I nabbed her immediately to work with me on a number of jobs ranging from performance prep to Live TV. Her professionalism and excellence in her movement is the reason I’d work with her again tomorrow!"


        Briony Albert, Creative Director

          “ I couldn’t recommend Emily as a choreographer, dancer and touring crew member enough. We initially tasked her with choreographing our “First Love” World Tour. She immediately understood our vision and we were incredibly happy with the results. She is always so determined and hard working but also easy to work with and flexible when we would come up with changes and ideas. We ended up working on various projects, music videos and content pieces together with Emily as a choreographer and lead dancer. I have nothing but good things to say about our experience working with Emily and she is a fantastic person, a great professional and has been a real asset to our team.”

          Jordan Fish , Bring Me The Horizon

        “On the tours Emily is the choreographer & dance captain. Emily and her group of dancers are a massive part of the show and also a huge part of the tour family. She is a consummate professional and a joy to have on the team. Her attention to detail is second to none. She is definitely one of the people on the tour that you can guarantee will be on time, ready to go and will deliver 100% every time. And on top of all that she's is a joy to be around.”


           Pete Hosier, Production and Tour Manager, Bring Me The Horizon